"101 Ways to Torture Your Husband" is a fun, devilish manual for every wife who dreams of making
her husband pay for his naughty wrongdoings.

While the title refers to "husbands," boyfriends and lovers are also included, and can suffer the same consequences when they drive their woman insane! Sure, itís a passive-aggressive way to seek revenge, but boy will you feel better afterwards!

How many times have you asked your husband to do a simple task like "bathe the dog" only to watch
him take off with his buddies just moments later leaving you to do the dirty deed? When was the last
time he did something nice for you like take the kids to the park while you relax for a whole hour?

Does he ever do anything without being asked?
Are you fed-up with his incredible selfishness and inconsiderate behavior?
 Well girlfriend, this book is for you!

Even if you donít execute any of the hilarious scenarios, 101 Ways to
Torture Your Husband is guaranteed to lighten your mood and put a smile
on your face - at least until your man comes home demanding dinner!

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